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Sprint has something up their sleeves, another industry first coming Feb 7th

If you were a Sprint customer that was disappointed by the lack of product announcements at last week’s CES then take note. Sprint just started sending out invitations to members of the press for a special event on February 7th in New York where they will be showcasing “yet another industry first”.

So what could this industry first be? The invitations were sent out to several Android blogs, so it has to be something Google related. My guess is we will see a high-end phone to combat the AT&T Atrix 4G and the Verizon Bionic.

Sprint is sticking with WiMAX for the foreseeable future, so you can bet this new device will sport 4G connectivity. We know that Sprint has good relations with most of the big handset makers, so anything is possible.

LG and Motorola just announced their dual-core phones at CES, so those would be the most likely candidates for upcoming Sprint phones. It would not surprise me to see a Sprint version of the Motorola Atrix or LG Optimus 2X.

HTC and Samsung are also working on dual-core phones, but they are not expected to announce them until Mobile World Congress in Barcelnoa, which starts on February 14th. It is possible we could see a new HTC or Samsung phone, but I would say the chances are slim.

Other than launching a dual-core phone with 4G WiMAX support, I can’t think of any other upcoming tech that Sprint could tout as an industry first.

What do you think Sprint has up their sleeves?

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