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Android 2.2 update now available for Samsung Vibrant via Kies Mini

Update: T-Mobile has posted an official guide here.

If you have a Samsung Vibrant, the wait for Android 2.2 FroYo is now over. We reported yesterday that T-Mobile would be pushing out an over-the-air update, but it’s actually available right now via a wired update. All you have to do is download Samsung’s update program called Kies Mini, connect your phone to the your computer via USB, and watch the magic happen.

I don’t have a Vibrant on hand to test the update out, but many users have reported success so far. If you run into any problems at all, hit up the official T-Mobile forums for help.

Please let us know how the update performs if you have a Vibrant. How does Flash Player 10.1 perform? Is the GPS performance improved? Did you try making any WiFi calls with T-Mobile’s app?

Via: TmoNews

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