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Handmark brings puzzle-platformer game Shift to Android

Handmark has teamed up with game development studio Fishing Cactus to port Shift, a puzzle-platformer flash-based game developed originally by Armor Games, to the Android platform. Released today on the Android Market, the new Shift game comes with both a full ($1.99) and lite version, with the ad-free full version containing 55 levels compared to 15 in the light version.

The premise of Shift is simple, though it’s also sure to boggle the mind. You are experiment 32763, and you are trapped in a black-and-white experiment, and you must find a way to escape through 55 challenging levels by jumping from platform to platform in order to obtain the key which unlocks the exit door. The twist? You can click the shift button to literally flip your world upside down, which will be a necessity if you are to safely make your way through all the levels.

Though I’ve only spent a good hour or two (or three) playing Shift, this game is shaping up to become my next Android gaming addiction. It’s one of those games where you sit down to play, blink and somehow 30 minutes have passed. I’m sure there’s little or no replay value after you get through all 55 levels other than continually trying to best your previous time, so you may want to see if you’ll actually like the game by trying out the Lite version before shelling out the $1.99 for the full version. Or, you could always check out the full PC version; the gameplay is essentially the same, and it gives you a good feel for how the Android version plays out.

Because Shift (both versions) is a flash-based game, it requires that you have Android 2.1 or later in order to play. Fortunately, that should be most of you by now. We’ll have a more in-depth review up in a few weeks, but in the meantime, if you download either Shift or Shift Lite, be sure to let us and others know what you think in the comments.


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