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Big screen gaming with the LG Optimus 2X phone

6 years ago 29

An oft repeated sight at CES this year was a dual-core phone or tablet hooked up to a 50″+ TV to display either games or 1080p video to the amazement of all that would behold it.

I had grown so accustomed to it that it took being home for a brief period to remember that we don’t actually live in that world quite yet and that it is still an impressive feat. Watch the video below to see our own Nick Gray go head-to-head on an Optimus 2X with a hapless opponent at the LG booth in a Mario Kart-ish game Shrek Kart from Gameloft (Thanks Vlad) (We never caught what the game was so if anyone knows please let us know in comments). Up close and personal the image wasn’t perfect, but the frame rate was excellent and considering the absolutely flawless 1080p playback we saw displayed elsewhere it seems likely that the imperfections were due to the game not being designed for that resolution.

We are still short a proper control scheme for hardcore gaming, but now that devices are actually coming to market with the requisite power to play them I’d be surprised if we don’t see more solutions for that shortcoming emerge and of course the Playstation phone will certainly be taking aim at filling this very gap.

As Taylor pointed out in his recent post on the Atrix 4G the writing is on the wall for Android to leverage the lessons of Chrome OS and Google TV to take aim at being the one device to rule them all for you at home, at work, or on the move. I feel like the prediction that we will just be carrying one device that does everything is made every year, but that possibility did seem within reach at CES this year (albeit with the help of a couple accessories).

Getting back to the Optimus 2X we know that it is coming to Korea and Europe in the next couple weeks and filtering out to other countries in the following weeks and months. Speculation has been that T-Mobile might be the U.S. launch partner. If you missed our hands-on video and photos of the Optimus 2X you should check them out here.

Assuming the game developers start delivering content that fully utilizes the power of the forthcoming dual-core handsets would you consolidate your gaming and mobile worlds or do you prefer to keep them compartmentalized?

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