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Droid Bionic first impressions

Let the Motorola dual-core goodness flow! While AT&T got the initial love with the impressive Motorola Atrix, it didn’t take long for Verizon to get in on the action with the Tegra 2 powered Droid Bionic.

We got a chance to go hands-on with the Bionic following the Motorola press conference and came away reasonably impressed. The Bionic offers a 4.3″ screen like the Droid X, but the resolution has been pushed to qHD (960 x 540). The homescreen can’t really take advantage of the added screen real estate the resolution bump offers, however, it does result in a crisper look to the icons and text, and will certainly be a noticeable upgrade for some of the newer 3D games, such as Dungeon Defenders.

As a Verizon customer, I was slightly disappointed to see that Motorola only put 512 MB of RAM in the Bionic as compared to the full GB that the AT&T Atrix is rocking, but I didn’t notice an appreciable speed difference between the two in my initial look.

Physically the Droid Bionic breaks from the look that was popularized by the previous high-end Motorola Droid devices, as gone are the squared-off edges in favor of rounded corners, closer to the Samsung Galaxy S devices. Thankfully they stuck with the same button configuration as was used for the Droid X, so no need to relearn anything there.

The Bionic offers the same 8MP rear camera as the Droid X and adds a front facing camera to get your video chat on. The Bionic has lost the physical camera button which may be a disappointment to some shutterbugs, but the response time when using the on screen shutter was far better than what I have experienced when using the button on my Droid X.

The Bionic will be launching with Android 2.2 in Q2 and of course will offer Verizon’s 4G LTE network, which Motorola was touting as 10x faster than 3G.

If you have any questions about the Bionic, hit us up as we’ll have more opportunities to handle it over the next few days.

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