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Motorola Atrix 4G hints at how Android, Chrome OS, and Google TV will merge

Ever since Chrome OS and Google TV were announced, many Android fans have wondered how those projects would merge with Google’s mobile OS. This past week at CES, Motorola provided a look into the future and revealed exactly where Google is taking their platforms.

The future of Android and mobile computing lies in the smart docks that are being created for smartphones. In the next couple of years, your smartphone will be the most powerful computer you own and smart docks will allow you to change the way you interact with it.

Want to turn you smartphone into a laptop? There’s a dock for that. Want to turn it into a Google TV box, alarm clock, GPS navigation, or Chrome OS desktop? Just plug it in to the according dock.

Android, Chrome OS, and Google TV will continue to be their own projects and appear on specialized devices, but by the end of this year they will all converge on a single gadget that fits in your pocket.

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