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Motorola Xoom launching at Best Buy February 17th for $699 Update: Or is it $799?

The saga of the Motorola Xoom launch continues; today we have a new date and price courtesy of a leaked internal Best Buy screenshot posted by Droid Attic.

The date for the launch — at Best Buy anyway — is February 17th which is in keeping with the Valentine’s Day launch that we have been hearing since the Xoom launch event.

The retail price of $699 is probably at least $100 north of what any of you were hoping to see, but if you look at it as compared to the Galaxy Tab launch price it matches up exactly with that strategy at $30 less than the comparable 3G-enabled iPad. This is showing as off-contract pricing, but if they follow the same model as the Galaxy Tab at Best Buy you will need to at least activate one month of 3G service with Verizon to buy the Xoom.

We’ve known for quite some time that the Xoom will be the hero device for Honeycomb, so Motorola will have at least some period of exclusivity as the only manufacturer with a Honeycomb tablet. Is that going to be enough to get you to crack open that “saving for tablet” piggy bank or will you wait until the market populates with some competition?

Update: Apparently there are some wires crossed over at Best Buy as we’ve got dueling price reports coming in now with the at least arguably justifiable $699 price now joined (according to a Droid Life tipster) by that ugly $799 we heard whispers of previously. If we have any Best Buy staffers in the audience that think they have a handle on what sort of shenanigans the Best Buy internal system is up to we would certainly be interested in hearing it.

Motorola Xoom price verification from Best Buy

Via: Droid-Life

Source: Droid Attic

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