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Motorola Xoom tablet available for pre-order from Handtec

Just days after its announcement the Motorola Xoom is now available for you to pre-order through Handtec. The Xoom is listed for £719.99 or £599.99 excluding VAT. This matches up pretty nicely with the original pricing on the Galaxy Tab so perhaps we’ll be seeing the Xoom slot in at the $599.99 price point that the Verizon Galaxy Tab just vacated.

The Xoom is listed as “due in soon,” with the obvious caveat that we don’t know what Handtec’s concept of soon is. As previously reported the information that we received from Motorola indicated a February launch with a tentative circle around Valentine’s Day. Assuming that launch date holds we’ll probably be seeing more of the usual suspects putting up pre-order pages soon enough so unless you are particularly anxious to be first in line or have a special place in your heart for Handtec you should be safe to wait.

Some of the accessories for the Xoom also made their appearance with pricing as follows:

Motorola XOOM Portfolio Case £47.99; £39.99 exc vat;
Motorola XOOM Speaker Dock £83.99; £69.99 exc vat;
Motorola XOOM Standard Dock £71.99; £59.99 exc vat;
Motorola XOOM Wireless Keyboard £71.99; £59.99 exc vat.

The Xoom was crowned the best of CES by CNET and among others and although the units on display were only running a demo video loop it isn’t hard to see why. The Xoom was one of the most polished pieces of hardware I saw at CES and the promise of Honeycomb is incredibly tantalizing.

With Motorola still working on the final software build for the Xoom it is going to require a leap of faith to throw money down on the Xoom sight unseen and at $600 this isn’t exactly an impulse buy. Has Motorola established enough Android credibility with you to warrant taking a risk on their nailing this tablet thing right out of the gate?

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Source: Handtec

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