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My Nexus S randomly reboots multiple times per day, and so do many others

It happens several times each day. I’m talking on my phone when all of the sudden I realize the conversation has stopped. Each time this happens I look down at my phone and see the Nexus boot logo. Dropped calls are one thing I can live with, but when my phone randomly reboots it makes me want to smash it.

Take yesterday for example. I was on an important business call and my phone rebooted three times in the span of about 15 minutes. It normally doesn’t happen that often, but when it does it’s a major pain and it makes me want to stop using the Nexus S. It also happens when the phone is in airplane mode, so I don’t think it has anything to do with T-Mobile’s network.

We expect to act as beta testers when purchasing a new Google phone, but if the phone part is so broken that it’s hard to complete a phone call then that’s a major problem.

Thankfully Google is aware of the problem, but we have no time frame for a possible fix. Google employee Ry Guy posted on their help forums, “So we’ve successfully reproduced this issue and are in the process of investigating with Samsung. I’ll provide updates as soon as I have them.”

The problem was first reported on December 28th, so hopefully a fix should arrive soon. In the mean time, I would hold off on purchasing a Nexus S until this random reboot issue is resolved.

If you have a Nexus S, please let us know if you are experiencing this problem. Have you discovered a temporary fix that might help others?

Source: Google Mobile Help

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