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New Motorola XOOM teaser video isn’t much of a tease

It’s been nearly two days since we posted out last story about the Motorola XOOM.  In an apparent effort to keep the upcoming Android 3.0 tablet top of mind, Motorola has uploaded a new teaser video to their YouTube account. The clip goes through a list of impressive features, followed by a simulated demonstration of what the Motorola XOOM is capable of.

While we salute Motorola for giving us another sneak peak at the XOOM, we’re fairly unimpressed. The new video doesn’t give us any new information and the usage simulations are very unimaginative to say the least.  Everything they show could easily be pulled off by the Samsung Galaxy Tab or even my wife’s rooted NOOKcolor. If they keep this up, I’m not sure how they will convince people to pay $700 or more when the Motorola XOOM launches in February.

Source: AndroidGuys

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