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NVIDIA to announce Tegra 3 next month at Mobile World Congress?

A new report by Scott Bicheno of Hexus suggest that Tegra 3 is primed for a MWC launch in Barcelona next month. I have no information to confirm this, but based on the public statements of NVIDIA’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang and our interview with Michael Rayfield, I believe the time has come for the next generation of Tegra processors.

Last year at NVIDIA’s GTC show I asked Jen-Hsun what Tegra meant to the Android ecosystem. Little did I know that he would reveal Tegra 3 is almost done, Tegra 4 is underway, and there would be a new Tegra every year.

NVIDIA announced Tegra 2 at CES 2010 so I had a small hope we might see Tegra 3 at CES 2011, but I think they didn’t want to overshadow all the Tegra 2 product announcements that took place.

When we interviewed Michael Rayfield at CES 2011 and asked him about when new details on Tegra 3 might emerge he responded, “It will be pretty quick. I believe I will have my next generation Tegra in production probably before my competitors have their dual-core in production. And so that talks a lot about velocity.”

We don’t know what competitors he was referring to, but Qualcomm has yet to show us any dual-core Snapdragon smartphones (only demos). Texas Instruments also revealed that their dual-core OMAP4430 was in BlackBerry Playbook, but we have yet to see any smartphones get announced.

I believe that Qualcomm and Texas Instruments will finally get their dual-core processors inside some Android phones at MWC, so NVIDIA has the chance to rain on their parade with a next-generation Tegra announcement.

Little is known about Tegra 3, but NVIDIA shed some light on it at CES. Michael Rayfield said, “We have to continue to do more with less power. When my next generation of Tegra comes out, it will do everything that Tegra 2 does and I’ll have more headroom. So I will continue to push that.”

NVIDIA also hinted that quad-core mobile processors were “coming in the near future” in their recent whitepaper on Tegra 2. I have a hard time believing that a quad-core Tegra 3 will be announced next month, but NVIDIA is the only computer technology company that continues to surprise me.

What do you think NVIDIA has up their sleeve for MWC next month? Could we really see a quad-core mobile processor in production this soon?

Source: Hexus

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