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Samsung 4G LTE Smartphone hands-on, speed and performance benchmarks

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At CES last week, our good friends at Samsung let us run a few tests on the Verizon bound Samsung 4G LTE Smartphone. The numbers that the handset produced were pretty amazing, though we would caution you on making any purchase decisions based on them since these tests are based on early software builds which may not be representative of the final product once it hits store shelves.

Since the Samsung LTE 4G Smartphone will be the first LTE enabled phone from Samsung, we naturally ran it through a few speed benchmarks with Speed Test. Over the past month, we have seen some pretty impressive numbers from Verizon’s LTE network with their USB data sticks, but we certainly were not expecting to see pretty similar speed performances on a handset. After a few tests, it was pretty obvious that Verizon’s LTE networks is exponentially faster that Sprint’s Wi-Max and T-Mobile’s HSPA+ networks. The slowest download speeds ranged from 8-15 Mbps while uploads were consistently between 3-5 Mbps.

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Quadrant scores on the Samsung 4G LTE Smartphone were a little less impressive than the Speed Test scores. With a score of 939, the new Samsung handset falls in line with expectations, presumably running on the same 1GHz Hummingbird processor found on the older Samsung Galaxy S phones. The score is a little higher than the Galaxy S, but the numbers are definitely skewed since this handset is running on Android 2.2. Check out the video below, just ignore my comment in it regarding a dual-core processor.

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On the hardware side, all the Android and Me staff were pretty impressed with the build. The 4.3 inch Super AMOLED Plus display looked amazing (even under the intense show floor lights) and the large, clicky hardware buttons under the screen give the Samsung 4G LTE Smartphone a more polished feel over handsets with capacitive buttons.

We’re not quite ready to name the best Android smartphone of CES, but we can certainly say that the Samsung 4G LTE Smartphone is one of the top contenders.