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Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc officially announced

Sony Ericsson doesn’t have the best track record with Android users at the moment with their devices launching with horribly out-of-date versions of the OS, and then missing update timelines. There is some hope that they are ready to break from that mold with the Xperia Arc launching with Android 2.3.

Most that have handled the phones agree that the hardware itself is quite nice and the now officially announced Xperia Arc doesn’t disappoint in that department either. As we heard previously, the Arc has managed to slim down to a crazy 8.7mm which wrests the title from the Samsung Infuze 4G’s now obese looking 9mm. The back of the device is concave which makes the phone seem even thinner than its already slim dimensions suggest.

The screen is identified by Sony Ericsson as a “reality display,” running a Mobile BRAVIA Engine and, excusing their bit of hyperbole, it is definitely an amazing looking display. At 4.2 inches they are striking new ground between the Droid X/Evo and the Galaxy S devices, and with its incredibly thin profile, it should fit in even the slimmest fitting jean pockets.

Sony Ericsson has a solid camera pedigree and they aren’t disappointing with the Arc. It sports an 8.1 MP camera powered by Sony’s Exmor R mobile sensor, which Sony claims offers the equivalent of an f/2.4 lens, which as any of the photographers/videographers in the audience will know, means better low light performance.

The rest of the specs are fairly standard with a 1 GHz Qualcomm processor and 512 MB of RAM. Given the available bands this should be coming to AT&T stateside.

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