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Sprint drops price on Samsung Galaxy Tab to $299 on contract

Word of a price drop at Best Buy for the Sprint Galaxy Tab leaked out via some images last week, but Sprint has beaten Best Buy to the punch and now list their Galaxy Tab for $299 on contact and $499 without contract.

I haven’t been able to puzzle out if it is possible to order the Galaxy Tab without a contract as someone that is not presently a Sprint customer, but I have an inquiry in to Sprint PR and will update this post when I get an answer. Otherwise if any of you Sprint users that are more adept with their website than I would care to weigh in that would be appreciated.

With the Motorola Xoom and a slew of other more powerful Android tablets ready to hit the market in the next 1-3 months (including Samsung’s own Galaxy Tab 4G) we are in the final days for the current Galaxy Tab to make the most of its status as the only Android tablet with official Market support.

For those that haven’t picked up a Galaxy Tab yet does the new pricing get you any closer to making a purchase or are you Honeycomb or bust?

Update: I heard back from Sprint and they confirmed that you can pick the Tab up for $499 without a contract. So if you don’t feel like waiting for that WiFi only version you can amble into your local Sprint store and snap one up right now.

Source: Sprint

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