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Sprint tweets FroYo updating coming to Samsung Epic 4G as soon as possible

On the week that Samsung customer frustration hit an all time high, T-Mobile finally announced their Android 2.2 update for their Galaxy S and now Sprint has tweeted they are working to deliver it to their Epic 4G as soon as possible.

Sprint emphasized that the FroYo update for the Epic 4G still has to pass their rigorous testing criteria to ensure a quality experience. A near-final test build leaked out in December so Sprint has been working on this update for awhile. Hopefully the tweet is a sign that the update could arrive before the end of the month.

Now we will wait and see how long it takes the other carriers to get their Galaxy S updates out. Verizon has a pretty good track record so I think that Fascinate owners should see an upgrade soon and there is no telling how long it will take AT&T to update the Captivate.

I can only hope that it doesn’t take Samsung this long to deliver their base Android 2.3 upgrade for the Galaxy S to the carriers. Anyone want to bet when we will see Gingerbread on the Galaxy S?

Update: Sprint issued the following note on their community blogWe want to assure you that Froyo for the Epic 4G is still in the works. Sprint works very closely with our manufacturing partners to ensure that we deliver the best possible customer experience on our wireless devices. We approve the release of software updates when a new software version provided by the manufacturer can bring a better overall customer experience on the device. It is our intention to bring these updates to our customers as quickly as possible but only after they meet our rigorous testing criteria.

We can’t provide any guidance on an exact or estimated release date at this time, but please know we are working to get Froyo out for the Epic as quickly as possible.

Source: Twitter

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