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Unboxing the LG Optimus 2X, aka the world’s first dual-core phone

I’ve waited for this day a long time. Regular readers of the site know I’ve been beating the dual-core drum longer and harder than any other blogger and after months of waiting I finally received a Tegra 2-powered phone. LG was nice enough to send us a review unit of their Optimus 2X which we’ve played with before, but now we finally get to spend some quality alone time with the device.

Next week will be non-stop videos and impressions of the Optimus 2X, but I took several minutes to unbox the phone (or is it a mobile computer?) and do a quick walk-through. Check it out and then let us know what other types of videos you would like to see. I’m already planning on doing benchmarks and gaming performance next, but we would love to hear your ideas for anything else you want to know about this phone.

Overall I just love the look and feel of the Optimus 2X. It weighs more than my Nexus S and it feels very solid in my hands. LG hasn’t really talked up the curved glass display, but that might be my favorite physical feature of the device. The volume rocker is also very sturdy and comprises of two separate buttons that have a really nice click feel when pressed.

I’ve already popped in my T-Mobile SIM card (this version of the phone doesn’t support 3G bands in the U.S.) and  will be using the Optimus 2X as my daily driver over the coming weeks so I can report back on the overall experience. All signs point to this being a fun ride.

The software is a whole ‘nother story, so check back later to see how that stacks up…

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