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Verizon ends credit for New Every Two, reduces early upgrade window

Verizon has announced that they will no longer offer a monetary discount as part of their New Every Two policy. For those unfamiliar with the New Every Two program, Verizon has offered discounts ranging from $30 to $100 towards the purchase of a new device for those who qualify for a handset upgrade (20-24 months into their contract). This would mean that when those awesome new phones that were announced at CES launch on Verizon in the next 6 months, the New Every Two policy would allow them to buy a new headset for $99.99 instead of the $199.99 subsidized price.

The New Every Program will officially end on January 16th. After that date, the New Every Two program will no longer be offered to new customers. Existing customers that are still on-contract will be allowed to use one more New Every Two upgrade, but will not be re-enrolled in the program after their next handset upgrade.

Also ending on the 16th is Verizon’s policy which allows customers in months 13-19 of their contract to upgrade their handsets for the full new-customer price (i.e., $199.99 for the high-end devices). Customers will now be fully eligible for the new-customer price when they hit the 20th month in their contract. Verizon customers will now have to wait longer or shell out significantly more money to obtain the latest and greatest hardware.

This is a purely financial move on Verizon’s part, though not unexpected at all. Verizon’s move is probably due to the large influx of customers Big Red is expecting with the iPhone coming to Verizon in February. Since Apple offers a new phone only once per year, Verizon probably expected that if they continued the New Every Two policy, the iPhone users wanting to upgrade to the latest handset every time Apple introduces a new model would cause significant financial impact to the company.

We haven’t seen too many angry or vocal Verizon customers yet, but I’m sure they’re out there somewhere. What do you think of this move?  Sound off below!

Source: Wall Street Journal

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