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40 days after launch, Google’s Nexus S still suffers serious random reboot bug

Update: Google has just reported they have a fix and it should be rolling out within one to two weeks.

Can you imagine Verizon or AT&T launching a new flagship smartphone that suffered from a serious bug which caused it to randomly reboot during phone calls? You would expect that such an issue might be caught during QA testing or at least a fix would be available shortly after launch. It sounds ludicrous, but that is exactly what happened to Google and their latest phone – the Samsung Nexus S.

A Google employee reports that a software fix is in testing, but it appears they are having trouble locating the root cause of the bug. On January 13th Google said they were testing a fix, but it was unsuccessful and they began testing a second fix on January 21st. We had hoped that the fix might be included with the recent Android 2.3.2 update, but it was not ready in time and people are still experiencing random reboots.

I trust that Google will eventually resolve this issue, but it just goes to show you how difficult it can be to support some Android phones. If Google’s own phone still randomly reboots a month after launch, just imagine how difficult it would be for an operator to certify a fix and then roll it out.

With any new Google product you expect to be a public beta tester, but using the Nexus S is so frustrating at times that it is almost not worth it.

Source: Android issue tracker

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