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Motorola Atrix 4G to launch by end of February, 3G Xoom by March, Bionic and LTE Xoom coming in Q2

Motorola Mobility just held their first earnings call and company CEO Sanjay Jha just updated the timelines for their upcoming product launches. The Motorola Atrix 4G will be coming to AT&T by the end of February, the 3G version of the Xoom tablet could land on Verizon by February (but March is more likely), and the LTE Xoom and Droid Bionic will appear on Verizon sometime in Q2.

It was previously reported that the 3G Xoom tablet was hardware upgradeable to 4G LTE, so I’m not sure why two different dates were given. Maybe Sanjay was just referring to when the LTE upgrade might be publicly available.

Jha also said that he sees additional tablet sizes coming in the near future. Motorola could eventually release “multiple different display sizes and price points.” In reference to the Atrix 4G he said that “you will see our diversity in the retail channel as well with other carriers in the US” hinting that we could see their flagship phone on more carriers after AT&T’s exclusive deal ends.

Now the countdown to the “end of February” begins. Gimmie dat Atrix 4G!

Via: Engadget

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