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All Gameloft HD games are 60% off this Valentine’s Day weekend

Starting today and running through February 15th, all Gameloft HD titles for Android are 60% off. This means you can now download some of the best games that Android has to offer for only $1.99, but you will have to do so through Gameloft’s web store. It’s unfortunate that Gameloft still does not offer their best games through the Android Market, but we have a feeling that could be changing soon.

If this is your first time purchasing a game from Gameloft, we have a few tips to share. The easiest way to complete a purchase is by visiting Gameloft.com on your Android phone. It will provide a list of games that are optimized for your device. If no games are listed for your device, you can also trick their web store to send you a download link by selecting a comparable phone on their desktop site (Example: Pick Epic 4G if you have a Nexus S).

Gameloft updated their policy to allow you to re-download the games you purchase, but they are still limited to the original device that you installed them on. Some users have reported that Gameloft allowed them to transfer their purchased game library to a new device, but you might have to contact customer service for that to occur.

If you need some suggestions on which titles to get, my favorite Gameloft games right now include Modern Combat 2, Brothers in Arms 2, Spiderman, and Fishing Kings. I haven’t had the chance to play all their new titles yet, but at only $1.99 I might have to buy a couple more before my long flight to Mobile World Congress.

Please let us know if you take advantage of this special offer. I’m curious to hear your feedback on the checkout experience. Did everything install correctly or did you run into any problems?

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