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Amazon’s HTC Flyer pre-order page lists price at €669

This may not be half as exciting as Motorola announcing the final price of the XOOM, but if any of you were wondering how much the HTC Flyer would be selling for, Amazon.de has just posted up their pre-order page for the Android 2.4 tablet.  The HTC Flyer will be selling for €669 which includes a 19% VAT.  Subtract the tax and run the HTC Flyer’s price through a currency converter and we’re left with a rough price of $755.  It’s certainly not cheap, but it definitely looks like the 3G HTC Flyer will be priced below the Motorola XOOM.  If U.S. carriers decide to add the HTC Flyer to their lineups, we hope to see the on-contract price fall in line with that of the Dell Streak 7 or even the original Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Along with the HTC Flyer’s price, Amazon has also treated us to a few more high-res images of the HTC Flyer.  Hope you enjoy.

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Source: HTC Source

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