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Mobicartel launches Coding Green Robots to teach Android programming to the masses

Greg Carron and Matthew Patience, founders of Mobicartel and co-hosts of several shows over at Radio Android, have put together a slew of applications for Android, including one of my personal faves Twitoc. From what I know of these two characters, their coding skill is only matched by their love for the Android community. In the spirit of this community, Greg and Matt are taking what they know about Android development, and teaching it to all who are interested.

Their new venture, Coding Green Robots, is a bi-weekly training course that will teach aspiring Android developers all they need to know to get started in coding for Android. Coding Green Robots will be based out of the Yorkville Media Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, but will simultaneously be broadcast live on Ustream so users around the world can partake in the learning sessions. Can’t make one of the sessions? All episodes are recorded and will be made available on the Coding Green Robots website.

Coding Green Robots will take place every other Tuesday starting this coming Tuesday, February 22nd from 730-930pm EST. For more information on the show, read the press release below, or head over to their website.

Show Press Release

Coding Green Robots

An Internet Television Show teaching Android Development

Coding Green Robots is a new Internet Television Show that teaches Android Development for developers of all backgrounds and experiences. Matthew Patience and Greg Carron of Mobicartel Development are the hosts of CGR (Coding Green Robots) and are very passionate about what they do. During the two hour show we teach top notch development tutorials, provide open source code samples, discuss the latest Android Development news, and conduct guest interviews. The show is broadcast bi-weekly on Tuesdays and can be viewed live online, as a recorded episode, or you may even feel free to join the live audience at the Yorkville Media Centre in Toronto, Canada. To get more information about upcoming/recorded episodes or to explore our code samples and tutorial notes, please visit www.CodingGreenRobots.com.

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