Feb 04 AT 12:57 PM Sean Riley 12 Comments

Motorola whets our appetite with a clip from the Xoom Super Bowl ad

To those that were worried that the teaser video we saw early in the week was going to be the actual Super Bowl ad you can rest easy that they will in fact be showing the Xoom in all of its Honeycomb glory.

You can catch the first 15 seconds below of what will be a full 60 second spot during the second quarter of the Super Bowl this weekend.

Motorola turning Apple’s classic 1984 ad against them is pretty entertaining and flipping through the eBook and rotating around the new Google Maps looks great, but hopefully there is some more compelling device usage to come in the remainder of the ad showing both the power of the Xoom and the feature set of Honeycomb.

What do you hope to see Motorola highlight in the last 45 seconds other than those two crazy kids getting together?

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