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Motorola Xoom pricing gets official at $799 for 3G/4G and $600 for WiFi-only

We’ve been subjected to a real roller coaster ride with the Motorola Xoom’s pricing, but today Sanjay Jha has finally taken pity and allowed us to get off.

The $799 price which was the most consistent rumor for the 3G/4G Xoom was confirmed as the true unsubsidized price. This leaves the Xoom selling at a $70 premium to the comparable iPad (ignoring activation and other fees), but whether even the upcoming iPad 2 manages to match the Xoom spec for spec remains to be seen.

The surprise and I’m sure welcome news to all was the revelation that the WiFi-only Xoom will be coming in at $600. This matches the iPad pricing exactly and of course comes without the need for any sort of bizarre activation and/or WiFi unlocking purchase. In sad panda news we didn’t get a date out of Jha for when the WiFi-only model will be available, but hopefully just yanking that radio out of there won’t take too long.

I find the discrepancy in price between the two versions somewhat baffling as I can’t believe the actual difference in production costs is more than $50. On the plus side this leaves open the possibility for a pretty rapid discounting of the Xoom on Verizon.

I think we have all sounded off sufficiently on our feelings regarding the $799 price for the 3G/4G version, but can you find room in your budget for a $600 WiFi version?

Via: Engadget

Source: Reuters

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