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Now available: install the Android 3.0 SDK extract to your NOOKcolor

Deeper-blue has been teasing us with images and video of Android 3.0 on his NOOKcolor for a few days now.  In that time, he’s managed to enable support for the touchscreen, accelerometer, hardware buttons, wireless connectivity, and even graphic acceleration.  Development progress has been quick, but in an effort to speed things up a bit; Deeper-blue has decided to share the love by releasing his work to the development community. 

In its current state, the Android 3.0 SDK extract is not even close to being a fully functional build.  But now that more than one person is involved in the development process, things could soon get a lot more interesting.   If you want to get a peek at what Honeycomb could look like on their rooted NOOKcolor, we highly suggest you make a full system backup before loading up the new Android 3.0 system.

Correction:  as  agraceffa has pointed out in the comments, you do not need a rooted NOOKcolor in order to load the Honeycomb image onto your device.  Simply use a disk imager to load the extracted 4GB image file onto an SD card and insert it into your NOOKcolor.  The Android 3.0 build runs directly off of the memory card and will revert back to your previous build once you reboot your NOOKcolor after removing the microSD card.   

For detailed instructions, we suggest you check out the source link below.

Source: XDA-Developers

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