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Qualcomm demos the most amazing augmented reality apps

After a mediocre showing at CES, Qualcomm appears poised to finally show off some some of their customer’s Android devices which feature the new dual-core Snapdragons. Some users have complained that there are not enough apps to take full advantage of the faster application processors, but Qualcomm will be demoing what they call “the most amazing augmented reality app” next week at Mobile World Congress.

Qualcomm first released their vision-based mobile augmented reality (AR) tools and software development kit last year and then sponsored a $200,000 contest to inspire developers to create the most compelling apps. I’ve heard several interesting definitions for AR, but Qualcomm describes it as “reality, only cooler.”

A quick teaser video was uploaded to showcase some of the contest apps and several of the demos are pretty darn cool. Developers had less than four months to submit their entries, but it looks like they created some rich AR experiences including interactive games, educational applications, and marketing concepts.

Winners will be announced February 15th on facebook.com/qualcomm, but we are headed to Barcelona this weekend so be on the lookout for some hands-on demos.

Via: Facebook

Source: Qualcomm Blog

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