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LG Optimus 2X coming stateside later this month as the T-Mobile G2x

We have known since late last year that the LG Optimus 2X was launching in the US, but TmoNews has finally delivered the proof we were all waiting for. The unofficial T-Mobile blog just posted an internal document they received which reveals the device will be branded as the G2x with Google by LG.

Our sources have said the T-Mobile G2x is nearly ready to go and it will be announced later this month at CTIA in Orlando. The device will ship with Android 2.2, but we hear an update to Android 2.3 is already in testing and will be available “within weeks” of the big launch.

We have also learned that the T-Mobile G2x will be a 4G device, but we have yet to find out which speeds it will support (14.4 or 21 Mbps).

It is interesting to see T-Mobile use the “G” branding on the Optimus 2X since they have normally reserved it for HTC phones with physical keyboards. However, T-Mobile is branding the LG Optimus Pad as the G-Slate, so I guess they want to stick with the G’s.

The G2x is also being labeled “With Google”, but we have been unable to confirm which skin will come loaded on the device. T-Mobile’s previous offerings in the series (G1 and G2) had stock Android, but it is likely the G2x will come with LG’s custom user interface.

Overall this looks like another excellent Android phone to add to T-Mobile’s growing smartphone lineup. Our recent round of benchmarks show the G2x will offer industry leading performance and LG expects to upgrade all their Optimus phones so you can be sure it will be getting Gingerbread (Android 2.3).

If you are on T-Mobile and looking to move up to a dual-core phone, keep your eyes on the LG G2x.

The T-Mobile G2x is coming soon.

Source: TmoNews

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