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PlayStation games coming to Tegra smartphones and tablets this year

3 years ago 16

Today NVIDIA announced on their Tegra Zone app that Sony’s PlayStation Suite will be coming to Tegra-equipped Android phones and tablets later this year. PlayStation Suite is a hardware-neutral game framework designed to bring the PlayStation experience to Android devices.

The report did not mention which Tegra devices would be PlayStation certified, but it did reveal a couple of games that are expected later this year including PSOne classics like Wild Arms, Cool Boarders 2, and Syphon Filter.

Tegra 2 powered devices have the processing power to bring console-quality games to Android so this announcement is not that surprising, but it’s the first time that details have been shared about other devices joining the PlayStation Certified family. So far the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play is the only device that has been confirmed to offer PlayStation titles.

It was also revealed that PlayStation 2 games will eventually be released on Android devices. This is good news since the original announcement only included the PlayStation One library.

Likely this is a sign that Sony Ericsson could be adopting Tegra 2 (or maybe evenĀ Project Kal-El) for future Android devices. It has been rumored that a “PlayStation tablet” is already in the works and I wouldn’t be surprised to find a Tegra 2 super chip inside. Hopefully existing Tegra 2 devices like the Motorola Atrix 4G and LG Optimus 2X will also gain PlayStation certification in the future.