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Samsung updates Kies in anticipation of Android 2.3 for Galaxy S phones

Update: A representative of Samsung has informed me that this Facebook page is not an official Samsung account. Any U.S. Galaxy S news will be posted on the official Samsung Facebook page.

The race to Android 2.3 updates is on. Yesterday several users started reporting that Samsung was rolling out a new version of Kies, the desktop software used to update Galaxy S phones. We were wondering what the latest release was for and it appears this update is laying the groundwork for Android 2.3 updates of the Galaxy S.

In a Facebook posting Samsung said, “You need this update to be able to get the 2.3.2 update to your Samsung Galaxy S, Vibrant, Fascinate. 2.3.2 will be worldwide but carriers will be delayed.”

Samsung previously said on their Romanian Facebook page that the Android 2.3 update would be out by the end of March. That has yet to occur, but it looks like things are on schedule now that the new Kies is out.

Just as we saw with the Android 2.2 updates, the international versions of the Galaxy S should be updated long before the US versions of the phone. The delays might have been the carriers fault, but Samsung took a real beating since they arrived so long after the competition.

Hopefully this time around Samsung will work more closely with the US carriers to ensure their phones are updated in a timely manner.

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Source: Facebook

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