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Verizon’s spring roadmap has 8 Android phones releasing in less than 60 days

Our friends at Phandroid got their hot little hands on the table below which shows that Verizon is about to really put the pedal to the metal on Android.

Verizon Roadmap for Spring 2011

April doesn’t hold any big surprises with the very tough sounding Casio Commando and Droid Charge blazing the trail on April 7th.

The next week will see the launch of the long awaited Sony Xperia Play (The Playstation Phone). Casual gaming on phones has seen an explosion over the last couple years, but the gaming phone concept has not fared well in the past so we’ll have to see if Sony and the Playstation brand can succeed where others failed.

Rounding out April we have the HTC Incredible 2 launching almost a year to the day after the original. The Incredible was a huge seller last Spring for Verizon, but the Incredible 2 will have an uphill battle to see anywhere near that kind of uptake with the myriad options vying for buyers attention on Big Red.

The LG Revolution is the only device with a firm date on the books in May. The Revolution will be the 3rd 4G option for Verizon buyers and may have the distinction of being the first Android phone to offer Netflix.

The Droid Bionic is still looking to set a date in May to usher Verizon into the dual-core smartphone era.

The last two on the list come as the biggest surprises as their predecessors were released in July and September respectively. The Droid X2 remains somewhat clouded in mystery, as some of the reported specs seem to place it far too close to the Droid Bionic to seem logical for Motorola. The Samsung Galaxy S 2 on the other hand is crystal clear as it was officially announced by Samsung last month and spec for spec might be the most interesting phone on the list.

Unless you are a die-hard HTC fan that is completely sold on the Thunderbolt this may be one of the single worst weeks to buy a smartphone in Verizon history.

Source: Phandroid

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