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T-Mobile reveals markets for faster 4G network with 42 Mbps downloads

The T-Mobile we know and love could be going away, but it is business as usual until the merger is approved and today they announced the initial markets for their HSPA+ upgrade to 42 Mbps.

“As T-Mobile continues the aggressive expansion of America’s Largest 4G Network, we’re doubling our maximum speed in more than two dozen markets, starting with three important cities today,” said Neville Ray, CTO of T-Mobile USA. “We will continue to build on our 4G network advantage this year, providing customers with an industry-leading mobile data experience.”

Customers in Las Vegas, New York and Orlando, Fla., will be the first in the country to experience the increased 4G speed from T-Mobile, followed closely by Chicago and further expansion of the New York network into Long Island, N.Y., and Northern New Jersey. By the middle of the year, T-Mobile expects 140 million Americans in 25 markets to have access to increased 4G speeds.

T-Mobile only offers one handset that supports 21 Mbps (Galaxy S 4G), but more are on the way like the Sidekick 4G. Later this summer T-Mobile expects to release a USB modem that supports 42 Mbps speeds and I suspect a similar handset could be in stores by year’s end.

To check T-Mobile 4G coverage in your area, visit their coverage page.

Source: T-Mobile

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