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A.I.Type keyboard: Text prediction in the cloud


Android’s text prediction feature helps a lot while typing on your on-screen keyboard, but have you ever felt like you need it to do more? A.I.Type keyboard basically predicts not only the word you are typing, but also the word you are about to type, before even typing a single letter. The developer actually claims that this nifty software will save you about 75% of your keystrokes, and whether that number is accurate or not, it definitely does save you a good amount of effort.

A.I.Type’s predictions are actually done “in the cloud,” which means that the application will not be too heavy on your storage space, but if you happen to find yourself without an internet connection, such feature will simply not work.

If you have used Swiftkey before, A.I.Type is definitely another choice to consider. Swiftkey is definitely a very good option; if you have used it, you would know that it pretty much reads your mind. A.I.Type keyboard is the same concept, but it uses the Gingerbread keyboard, as opposed to Swiftkey, which uses its own “iPhone-like” keyboard.

The produt is actually in beta, but it is good to try it out, and I did not run into any issues while trying it out, so it seems pretty stable. For a better view of what A.I.Type is able to do, the developer has put together a video, which is posted below if you are interested. Please do let us know what you think of this new keyboard. Do you guys like it? If not, which one do you prefer?

Via: Android Central

Source: A.I.Type

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