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Google has a Nexus-related surprise for us, we have no idea what it is

Oh Google, you big tease! If being less than two weeks from Google I/O isn’t enough to get your heart racing, Google has gone ahead and tweeted that they have a surprise for us today. The tweet came from the Google Nexus Twitter account so we’re guessing the surprise is Nexus-related.

I can only think of one thing they could announce related to the Nexus S, its availability from more carriers. AT&T? Who knows? Other than that, I have no idea what they could announce, which makes it even more exciting. Could it be a free, ad-supported Nexus? Google is buying Sprint? Are they finally turning on Skynet? All very possible scenarios.

With that said, we’ll probably know pretty soon, and as soon as we do we’ll tell you all about it. Meanwhile, keep refreshing that Google Nexus Twitter page like the rest of us.

UPDATE: Google Voice integration with Sprint just went live, could this be? Hopefully not.

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Source: Twitter

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