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HTC clarifies Sense 3.0 issue (Here goes hoping, again)

Surely, if you have seen videos of HTC’s new devices, you are wondering if this version of Sense (3.0) will be coming to your device. This morning, everyone’s heart has been broken by the Twitter response that HTC gave to one of its followers, informing that Sense 3.0 would only be available on new devices, like the HTC Sensation, the EVO 3D, and the HTC Flyer.

After seeing that we were all getting our protesting tools ready, HTC has just made a “clarification” about this issue, kind of leaving us back in uncertainty, which seems to be where manufacturers like to have us. Apparently, “certain” aspects of Sense 3.0 will not be available to “some” older devices, but they are working on the parts that actually will.

Whether HTC is just trying to prevent the rise of the masses, or this was truly a mistake, it is something that we will have to see. In the meanwhile, if you have an HTC device, stay tuned to know if you will be getting some of those sweet Sense 3.0 features, that sweet looking lock-screen would be nice to have!

Source: HTC (Twitter)

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