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Latest Droid Charge TV ad smashes 4G and Droid together or something like that (Video)

Hopefully, you haven’t had enough of those movie-like Droid TV ads — we certainly haven’t. Because Verizon is back at it again, this time with a Droid Charge ad. The ad has everything you can expect from a Droid commercial at this point. Mysterious-looking henchmen? Check. Futuristic, underground facility? Check. Mechs? Check. Sexy girl? Check. More eye candy and special effects than a Michael Bay movie? Check. That’s a perfect formula, if you ask us. However, like in any other Droid ad before it, we only get to see the actual phone for a couple of seconds during the whole commercial. Would it kill you to show the phone doing something other than exploding or killing people, Verizon? Check the video after the break.

Via: Phandroid

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