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Samsung Galaxy S II coming soon, 4 commercials released (Updated)

The Samsung Galaxy S series has gained a very high level of popularity in the U.S., one of the main reasons being that there is a Galaxy S device available on every major carrier (as well as some smaller carriers). Since Mobile World Congress, Samsung fans have surely been excited for the release of the nifty Samsung Galaxy S II, sporting specs that are expected to blow everyone’s mind. Clarifying the rumored delay, Samsung stated that the device would be released within April, but the actual launch is different in every country. Nevertheless, the Galaxy S II should be getting here soon, and Samsung is teasing us with a series of commercials this week.

Samsung is not efficiently demonstrating what the device can actually do, which seems to be becoming a trend lately, but the advertising focuses more on the high quality display (1st commercial) and the voice command advantages (2nd and 3rd commercials). Frankly, although voice commands and Super AMOLED plus displays can be exciting, it would be more interesting to see the device’s full potential in other aspects as well. Regardless, it is exciting to get a peek of this device from an official source, because it means that the bad boy is just around the corner. If you have been waiting for the Galaxy S II, check out the videos after the break, and let us know what you think of them. Will you be getting your hands on the Galaxy S II once it is available?


Samsung has given us a 4th commercial to drool on, now featuring the thinness of the device. You think you will be making up with your girlfriend/boyfriend like this? Watch the video if you want to see how this device can make your life easier…

Via: Android Central

Source: SamsungTomorrow (YouTube)

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