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Samsung Galaxy S II released in South Korea, spreading to 120 countries soon

After the official announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S II at Mobile World Congress, the device quickly became one of the most anticipated Android phones of 2011, and Samsung has made sure that we stay hyped up about it. There was actually a rumor being spread that the device would be delayed and improved, but Samsung clarified the issue shortly afterward, stating that the device would be launched on April (as planned), and then headed to other countries “according to the local launch timetable.” Not only has Samsung been teasing us with rumors and announcements, but they have even released a series of commercials, further convincing us that they are keeping their word on the release, and sure enough, today is a great day if you have been waiting for this device.

Just like its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S, we expect variations of this device coming to every major carrier in the U.S., and though it is still not here, it is very close. Samsung is holding a media event in South Korea as a celebration of the Galaxy S II’s launch date, and the Galaxy S II is now officially on its way to 120 countries (Of course, we are one of them!), and 140 carriers worldwide, so we should be getting it soon! Oh, and just a small detail, it is expected that Samsung will ship about 10 MILLION units in 2011!

If 120 countries and 140 carriers is not enough information for you, our friends over at TmoNews have also discovered a couple pictures proving that the device might be coming T-Mobile. One of the pictures comes from Adobe.com, while the other is from an unknown secret tipster (Who claims to be using the Samsung Galaxy S II in T-Mobile’s network). Though neither of those are completely reliable sources, it is something to get our hopes up and consider for the meanwhile, so click on the thumbnails right below to check out the evidence.

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The Samsung Galaxy S II is expected to be among the best high-end Android smartphones (if not the best), with specs that include a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, Android 2.3 Gingerbread, a 4.27 Super AMOLED Plus display (800×480), and 1 GB of RAM. Rejoice, power-hungry Android enthusiasts, because the Samsung Galaxy S II is now near, and you will soon be able to put your hands all over it! Are you waiting for this baby? What do you think of it?

Via: Engadget

Source: Samsung (Korea)

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