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When Google steps in; a ShopSavvy story.

There are many who say that Google’s grip on Android is not tight enough. There are those who cry fragmentation, those who complain that “inferior” devices are being made, and those who say that Google doesn’t do enough to police the Android Market. Well, a huge step towards annihilating that third complaint was seen this week, as Google finally stepped in to put and end to what can only be described as the single most childish action I have ever seen one company do to another.

Most people are at the very least aware of ShopSavvy, Big In Japan’s remarkably good barcode scanner app. They’re so good, in fact, that a handful of other companies resorted to simply hijacking their API’s for their own apps, and made quite a bit of money doing it. Big In Japan was able to nip that particular issue in the bud, but one company saw fit to retaliate, the creators of an app called ShopKick.

This is one of dozens of comments, seen once in every three comments in the Android Market for ShopSavvy. Other comments have included “Free $25 gift cards” and various similarly worded offers. This is more than simply attacking the guy on top, but rather an expensive campaign targeted at new users who would try ShopSavvy. Like I said, however, Google stepped in.

Recently, Big in Japan has noticed that within a day or two, these comments disappear from their comments entirely. While it’s not seemed to slow ShopKick down, since there are more comments in the Market even now, it’s clear that Google’s Android Market spam filter is doing its job, and trying to keep the Market from being unusably full of junk. Score one for the good guys, and score one for those of us who know Google’s doing their part!

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