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Skype fixes security gaps, and by the way, gives us 3G calling!


With the discovery of a vulnerable spot in their Android app, which left much of users’ private information unsecured, Skype surely disappointed its loyal customers last week. Upon finding that their application for Android was putting people in danger, Skype informed everyone that they would be fixing the problem soon, and sure enough, there is an update available this morning. The update not only fixes the security bridge though, Skype has decided to give us an unexpected surprise!

Do you remember the days when Skype was only available through Verizon? We were all begging Skype to give us an official app for Android, which would allow us to make VOIP calls over WiFi, without the need to go through a 3G network, or Verizon for that matter. We are all happy with Skype now, being able to fully benefit from what it has to offer, only over WiFi though. Before this morning, using Skype over 3G (officially) was still only available through Verizon’s Skype Mobile application, and with this new update, that limitation has vanished. Yes, Skype for Android is now able to make calls over a 3G network, any 3G network, in fact (even in the U.S.). These news should have Verizon a little upset though, because it seems like their Skype Mobile app is now completely unnecessary.

What’s in this version:
1. Security update
2. Calling over your 3G connection is available worldwide – now including the US.Skypemarket update

Well, if Skype had some of its users upset about the security issues, this is a great way to regain their satisfaction!To be able to enjoy some 3G Skype calling, head over to the Market and get your new and improved Skype version! Also, don’t forget to give us your opinions. Are you excited about this update? Satisfied? Is 3G-calling even a big deal to you?

Via: Android Central

Source: Skype

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