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Blockbuster app hops on the modder-blocking bandwagon

Root users were not happy last Sunday, after hearing that Android Market Movie Rentals would not be accessible through their unlocked devices. It seems like the reasoning for this shutdown lies along the lines of it creating a copyright infringement. This suggests that the movie industry is probably putting some pressure on developers/movie distributors, believing that having a rooted device would increase the chances of us “big-time thieves” stealing their $4.00 movies.

Well, fasten your seat-belts, because it seems like this is going to become a trend. The Droid Charge was treated with a Blockbuster app a few days ago, which seemed good and dandy, but the excitement didn’t last long for root users. The app actually comes with Widevine’s DRM software (owned by Google), and it detects whether your device has been rooted or not. If you are a firm believer of freedom (openness) and have a rooted device, said app will go ahead and let you know that you are out of the picture for accessing movies.

The movie industry needs to understand that rooting a device does not make us criminals, and it will not increase the chances of us stealing its films. Likening modders to thieves and blocking us from accessing your services is insulting, and does nothing but hurt your potential income as rooted Android users are going to simply go elsewhere to get their content. If someone really wanted to steal a movie, it can be easily done with a computer (even HD quality). Contrary to your wishes, such practices will only further entice consumers to pirate copyrighted content, since you are pretty much stripping them of the legal way of watching movies.

Of course, there will always be other options, where rooted users can happily go and invest their money. So if you are one of the rooted users suffering from lack of access to these services, please comment below and let the big boys know where you are spending your hard earned cash! Don’t forget to also share your opinions on this trend with us in the comments.

Via: Droid Life

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