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Clap Phone Finder turns your phone into The Clapper [with Awesome Video]

Every once in a while we receive a tip that is way too awesome to pass up.  Today’s tip comes from Illusion Ground, who has released an application which turns your Android phone into your very own “The Clapper”. The Clap Phone Finder application can detect the noise made while clapping and alerts your phone to start making noise so you can easily locate it.

The Android and Me staff has been hotly discussing this application this morning, though not for the merits of the application itself. Sean Riley noted a link in the market to a YouTube video showing the Clap Phone Finder application in action. We all find the video to be hilarious, and wanted to share it with you, our readers:

If after watching this awesome video, you absolutely have to have the Clap Phone Finder application, you can head on over to the market and give it a whirl. It seems to work pretty well from the video.

The Clap Phone Finder app is available for Android 2.1+ devices for $0.99. If you do purchase the application, stop by the comments and let us know how you like it.


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