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Google Earth gets updated and optimized for tablets


Tablets are (and will be) making a major change in the way we work, entertain ourselves, and go throughout our daily life. Though Android 3.0 Honeycomb is made to fit tablets, it simply does not fully serve its purpose if an application is not designed for the honeycomb environment, or the bigger screen. As Android Tablets start becoming more popular, we will start seeing more developers take advantage of Android 3.0′s potential, and as expected, Google is improving its major apps as well.

Today, Google has updated Google Earth to fit the Honeycomb tablet environment. Google Earth now has support for textured 3D buildings (as you can see in the image below), as well as simultaneous image and map viewing. The links at the top-right of the screen also allow for a much faster and intuitive interaction with the device, only made possible thanks to the bigger screen of a tablet.

It must be said that the interface does look much nicer and well organized. Have you guys checked out the new tablet optimized Google Earth yet? Let us know how it feels for you.

Via: Phandroid

Source: Google

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  1. NatashaGuest 4 years ago

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  2. Obama bin LadenGuest 4 years ago


  3. OwainGuest 4 years ago

    I’m yet to be convinced that a tablet is worth getting… The Transformer I think may change that.

  4. JesusFishGuest 4 years ago

    So is it necessary to update without a tablet? Anything for us phone people?

  5. Best Android AppsGuest 4 years ago

    This probably looks awesome on a tablet.

  6. BartingerGuest 4 years ago

    Make a video pls :P

  7. GainGuest 4 years ago

    This looks good on a tablet, i love it.Good work.