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Tell the FCC what you think about AT&T acquiring T-Mobile

We have been hearing about the possible AT&T/T-Mobile merge since last March, and the issue has been very highly discussed all over the internet. Though AT&T seems to see this as a great business opportunity, the fact is that the majority of the crowd does not seem very happy about this idea (mostly due to the effect it could have on competition). If you are one of the many that have been cringing upon the thought of this merger, it is now your chance to express your opinions straight to the FCC.

The FCC has opened its ears to the public about the AT&T/T-Mobile subject, and everyone can now head to their website and speak up, simply by filling out a form. To let the FCC know how you feel about this issue, head over to their ECFS Express site, and simply find the topic with proceeding number 11-65, which is titled “In the Matter of applications of AT&T Inc. and Deutsche Telekom AG for consent to assign or Transfer Control of licenses and Authorizations.” After you click the 11-65 link, simply fill out the forms and follow instructions.

Whether you are for or against AT&T acquiring T-Mobile (and possibly becoming a GSM monopoly), it is a personal choice. Though we all may differ in opinions, we share a common denominator – we are consumers, and the big boys need to know what is in our best interest. That said, head over to FCC’s website and fulfill your part as a citizen, and let the FCC know how this possible acquisition would affect you. It would be interesting to see which side of the spectrum has more weight, so please do share your opinions with us as well (you can even copy and paste what you sent to them, if you so choose).

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Source: FCC

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