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HTC Bliss to be the first Android phone targeted specifically at women?

While most men have no issues picking up a phone like the HTC DROID Incredible 2 or the new Thunderbolt, we’re heard many women complain that HTC phones are far too manly for their taste.  We could debate this point for quite a while (I personally know many women who own the EVO 4G, Nexus One, and countless other HTC phones), but it is true that the distinct aesthetics of HTC phones appeal primarily towards men.

So when news broke that HTC may be in the planning phase for a new handset which is targeted specifically at women, we were not surprised one bit.  HTC has been holding focus groups with women to see what their take is on a new handset scheduled to launch on Verizon’s network towards the end of this year.

The new handset is currently known as the HTC Bliss and will feature hardware and software tweaks that should make it more appealing to women.  The HTC Bliss will have a green hue and will feature a soft-touch rubber casing for a better grip (similar to the HTC DROID Incredible 2).  The handset will feature both front and rear facing cameras and will be nearly a half centimeter thinner than the HTC Desire Z. Most other exterior features will be similar to HTC’s current lineup of Android phones.
*Note: the image above is our concept of what the HTC Bliss could look like.

Software tweaks on the HTC Bliss include “calming” wallpapers along with shopping, and calorie counting apps.  We don’t have any indication as to which version of Android the HTC Bliss will be running, but our guess is that the phone will be running HTC Sense 2.5 or above with a modified UI skin.

But since women love to accessorize, HTC may be hoping that the accessories for the Bliss will be the key factor in the handset’s success.  According to the report, HTC is working on a desktop dock with built-in speakers, a speaker which attaches to a car visor which is capable of voice recognition, and a matching Bluetooth headset.  If that wasn’t enough, the “charm indicator” should definitely get the women excited for the HTC Bliss. This accessory will come with a hook so that is can be attached to purse and will light up when the phone receveis a new message or call.

We certainly like the idea of HTC going out of their way to find out what women want in a phone, but would an Android phone specifically targeted towards women really sell? Maybe HTC should simply focus on creating more accessories for all of their phones or offer their current handsets in a variety of different colors.   What do you think HTC should focus on if they really want more women to purchase their phones?

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