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Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus from Gameloft infiltrates the Android Market

Gameloft has had a shaky relationship with Android users due to their refusal to simply launch all of their titles in the Android Market and opting instead to sell most of their apps exclusively via their own frequently problematic system.

Now normally people would probably just say forget it and not deal with the company at all, but the problem is they make some really good games. While there is no sign that Gameloft has seen the light and is opening the floodgates they have at least given us one more top tier title in the Market in the form of Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus which is available now for $6.99.


As you can probably guess the game is a first person shooter in the vein of the Call of Duty series. We reviewed the game when it was first released in January so you can go ahead and check that out before you have to throw down your own hard earned cash. In our initial review we noted that there were some device compatibility issues and based on the first couple reviews coming in those problems seem to persist so if you have something below a Samsung Galaxy S class phone you should probably steer clear despite the fact that Gameloft lists it as good for anything with Android 2.0 or above.

The game is of course still available on Gameloft’s site and if you don’t mind dealing with all of the sordid issues associated with purchasing directly from them it is still available there for $4.99.

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