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Android apps demoed on the Blackberry Playbook (Video)

At the BlackBerry World conference this morning, RIM’s CEO Mike Lazaridis gave attendees a little sneak peek of Android apps running on the Blackberry Playbook. This is possible thanks to RIM’s Android App Player, which acts like a virtual environment for regular Android apps to run inside of.

While the Android apps shown seem to be running smoothly, certain parts function differently compared to Android. Due to the Playbook’s lack of Menu button — like the one on Android — users need to swipe up to make the Menu pop up. Likewise, the Android Back button is simulated with an on-screen Back button on the top-left of the app.

Aside from those two differences, I’m having a hard time noticing any┬ádissimilarities between apps running on the Playbook and those running on the Samsung Galaxy Tab — and I’m sure Google doesn’t like that one bit. Even less now that RIM is pulling a Nokia and partnering with Microsoft. From now on, all Blackberry devices will ship with Bing deeply integrated in the OS. Meaning RIM is using Google’s platform to boost its own, while at the same time stabbing Google in the back by using Bing. That’s not making anybody happy at Mountain View this morning.

Via: ReadWriteWeb

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