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Android Market bound to have more apps than the App Store in the next few months

Just yesterday we reported on Android’s stunning growth, well that was yesterday. Today, we have yet another indication that Android is headed towards inevitable world domination. Research firms Distimo and research2guidance, have both released reports predicting that the Android Market will overtake Apple’s App Store in the number of apps, in the next few months.

Distimo is reporting that the Android Market will blow past the App Store before the end of July. While research2guidance forecasts that the Market will have 425,000 apps by August, easily beating the App Store. This is mainly due to the Market’s neck-breaking speed at which is getting more apps. In April alone, developers published 28,000 new apps to the Market, whereas Apple only had 11,000 new apps.

This of course, will be a significant milestone for Android. Being the platform with the most apps is no easy task, specially when the platform launched roughly a year later than Apple’s. But here we are, about to witness something many considered impossible just a year ago. Nonetheless, there’s still an aspect where Android lags behind iOS,  and that is apps’ quality and design. Hopefully, a rising number of apps in the Android Market means we’ll see the quality rise as well.

Via: TechCrunch

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