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AT&T’s “slow” 4G actually has the largest coverage map

Competition is rough in the mobile market nowadays. Manufacturers are all competing amongst each other, operating systems are fighting for the lead (though we all know which one is winning), and every carrier is trying to convince us that their 4G network is the best in some way. Sprint is the first, Verizon claims to be the fastest, and T-Mobile says it is the largest. Well, Fierce Broadband Wireless has released some maps they acquired through American Roamer (wireless coverage firm), proving that AT&T’s HSPA+ network will cover a much wider area than all of its competitors (ouch!).

AT&T Mobility actually claims that their network will give down speeds of 14.4 Mbps, with enhanced backhaul. It is also important to clarify that these maps only show where AT&T has deployed their HSPA+ access, but it does not provide the location where it has upgraded its backhaul capability, so the maps may be a bit misleading… for now.

Even if AT&T did happen to become the 4G network with the best coverage map, their data speeds have not been very convincing for many years now. It also seems like it will be the slowest4G network in the U.S. But that map sure looks nice for those who travel around a lot… What do you guys say? Are you willing to give up speed for coverage? If you are a 4G user, which carrier are you with? Which do you think is the best?

Via: Fierce Broadband Wireless

Source: American roamer

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