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Does your G2x have quality control issues?

David over at Tmonews has leaked that T-Mobile’s current flagship, the LG G2x, is no longer available for purchase from Tmonews goes on to speculate that the deactivation of the G2x is likely related to the various quality issues that have plagued the device since launch.

For those saying “Whoa, what device quality issues? I love my G2x!” several users have reported the device randomly rebooting, instances of “screen bleed” (light leaking from around the edges of the phone – especially noticeable on black screens), and other small issues since the phone was released in April.

As someone who has been using the G2x as his daily driver for a couple of weeks now, I have personally experienced both the random reboots and screen bleed issues and can attest to the annoyance these issues can cause.

We are hopeful that LG and T-Mobile are hard at work on a fix, including for those who have already purchased the device. We will keep you fully appraised of the situation once T-Mobile issues a statement.

If you’re a current G2x user, have you noticed any of the above-mentioned issues with your G2x? Do you find them as glaring issues or infrequent annoyances? Sound off by leaving a comment below.

Source: Tmonews

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