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Google gets ready for war, acquires Modu’s patent portfolio

There’s a war underway in the mobile world, and Google is stockpiling ammo as fast as it can. As we saw recently, Google is getting ready to buy Nortel’s patent portfolio. But the web giant is not stopping there, the company just acquired Modu’s phone patents for $4.9 million.

If you’ve never heard of Modu don’t worry, we haven’t either. That’s because is a startup out of Israel that used to build some very small — and very cute — mobile phones. Modu’s 1 phone currently holds the Guinness record for the world’s lightest phone. The company also build “jackets” that you can put on your Modu phones, each different jacket has a certain interface and range of functions. While Modu’s devices are quite innovative and original, the startup is running out of cash. That’s where Google comes in.

Google will surely use these patents to defend itself from the growing number of lawsuits against Android. As the platform keeps growing, it’s starting to draw the wrong kind of attention from companies that make a living off patent lawsuits. Companies like Oracle and Microsoft are trying very hard to get a piece of the Android action. Instead of innovating and building great products, these companies would rather use their army of lawyers to gain any amount of relevancy in the mobile world.

Hopefully, by building its own patent war chest, Google — and therefore Android — will become immune to these ridiculous patent lawsuits.

Via: BGR

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